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Welcome to Waco Regional Airport Master Plan project website. This website was created to provide a venue to distribute draft Master Plan materials to interested members of the public and to allow the public to provide input into the Master Planning process.

The Waco Regional Airport Master Plan has been initiated by the City of Waco to properly plan for the timely development of the Airport to ensure its continued viability from a functional, social, and environmental perspective.  Development of a master plan is a step toward achieving continuity in the development of community services for residents and commercial/industrial interests in the Waco Metropolitan region.  The Master Plan will provide the Airport with a comprehensive overview of the Airport’s needs over the next 20-year time period, including a preferred development plan, costs for this development, methods of financing, management options, and a clear plan of action.

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The Master Plan will act to define the current and future role of the Airport in the local, regional, and national aviation system.  The master planning activities will also provide a capital improvement program for future airport development, as well as an environmental overview delineating the relationship of the Airport with the surrounding environment.  In addition, this planning effort will result in the development of a computerized Airport Layout Plan (ALP) meeting FAA criteria.

Waco Regional Airport is of interest to many within the local community including local citizens, businesses, community organizations, City officials, airport users/tenants, and aviation organizations. The Master Plan will be closely coordinated with an advisory committee that is made of up government representatives, airport users and tenants, and local community representatives. Draft working papers will be prepared at various milestones in the planning process and will be made available to the public on this website.

The Master Plan is being prepared by Coffman Associates, Inc., in association with Walker Partners, who is the Airport’s engineer of record. Coffman Associates is an airport consulting firm that specializes in planning, environmental, and land use studies. The Waco Regional Airport Master Plan will be prepared in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Texas Department of Transportation – Aviation Division (TxDOT) guidelines and industry-accepted practices, including Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans and Advisory Circular 150/5300-13A – Change 1, Airport Design. The study process is anticipated to take approximately 12 months to complete including time for agency reviews and approvals of the ALP drawings.

Please download and review the draft materials as they come available in the Master Plan section of this website. If you have comments or questions regarding the Master Plan materials, please feel free to submit them to the planning team here. Comments received will be given due consideration during the preparation of the Master Plan.



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